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08.Oct.2010 A la commode

My brother Dan works at a medical supply company and, after the Makin’ Bacon Naked t-shirt I made for him, he wondered if I could whip up a design for his company volleyball team. I came up with a few ideas, but the below test image was definitely my favorite. Unfortunately, we never ended up […]


18.May.2010 Two lucha libre links…

It’s been a while since I’ve done a ¡Viva Lucha Libre! post, and as I missed a perfect opportunity with “Hellboy in Mexico” coming out on Cinco De Mayo, I thought I’d post this graphic design gem I found thanks to Boing Boing.

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06.Apr.2010 EoP t-Shirt in action!

My brother bought one of the official Enemy of Peanuts shirts from my Awesome Online Shop and sent over a few pictures of himself putting it to good use.


28.Oct.2009 Buy a t-shirt and support Movember!

In a recent post, I drew “The Venerable Gentlemen…FROM SPACE!” high fiving it up for moustaches and men’s health. My brother posted a comment that simply said, “Put this on a shirt and I will buy it!” I thought, “Not a bad idea!” So, I whipped the doodle into a t-shirt design and here it […]

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15.Oct.2009 Donate for a chance to win a Movember T-Shirt and more!

It’s contest time, folks! I had previously mentioned that I’d been in contact with the CEO of the Movember Campaign. Well, he sent me an official Movember t-shirt to use in whatever effort I see fit to drum up even more donations in the fight to combat testicular and prostate cancer. What’s that you say? […]


23.Sep.2009 As promised, more new EoP shirts!

That’s right! As promised mere hours ago, here are two more t-shirts that you can buy and use to flaunt your support of blogdom’s semi-hidden gem:!


Enemy of Peanuts t-shirts are now available!

It’s been a long time coming, but I finally sat down and took the team to create some official Enemy Of Peanuts apparel. Currently, there are three available designs featured on items for ladies and men. So, if you’d love to walk around representing one of your favorite spots on the web, swing by my […]

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13.Jul.2009 The Official Enemy of Peanuts T-Shirt: Pencil work.

After opening my Awesome Online Shop with the outrageously cool Makin’ Bacon Naked t-shirt, I vowed an official Enemy of Peanuts t-shirt was on its way. Well, I did the initial pencil work on my first tentative design last week and have finally found some time now between busy work days and busy vacation days […]


28.Jun.2009 Fuel the economy! Buy Enemy of Peanuts merchandise!

Ready to do your duty as Americans (or citizens of the world)? Get your credit cards ready, because it’s time to start buying the coolest and most hilarious items in anti-peanut and amateur cartooning apparel! In a follow-up to the series of posts about the Makin’ Bacon Naked t-shirt I was designing for my brother’s […]

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12.Jun.2009 “Makin’ Bacon Naked” T-Shirt: Round Three

If you haven’t been keeping up, my brother Dan and our buddy, his volleyball teammate, Steve commissioned me to doodle up something for their V-Ball team’s t-shirt. The team name? “Makin’ Bacon Naked.” I took the challenge (you can see the earlier stages of the process here and here) and it’s been a blast so […]