Fuel the economy! Buy Enemy of Peanuts merchandise!

Ready to do your duty as Americans (or citizens of the world)? Get your credit cards ready, because it’s time to start buying the coolest and most hilarious items in anti-peanut and amateur cartooning apparel!

In a follow-up to the series of posts about the Makin’ Bacon Naked t-shirt I was designing for my brother’s volleyball team, the final version of that shirt will be the first official piece of EoP merchandise available for public purchase! Excited? Of course you are!

Front of shirt on left, back of shirt on right.
Front of shirt on left, back of shirt on right.

You can buy this shirt by clicking on the “Awesome Online Shop!” tab above (or by clicking this link to it: http://www.enemyofpeanuts.com/awesome-online-shop/) or head straight to the source and go to http://www.cafepress.com/enemyofpeanuts!

Right now there is only the one available design and only a few shirt style options, but I’ll have more in there soon.

For comics and prints, stay tuned! I’ll start selling those as soon as I can!

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