Silly Search Engine Terms Jamboree! Part Two

As I explained in Part One of Silly Search Engine Terms Jamboree, I have a fascination with online traffic stats. One of these stats shows me what people searched in Google or Yahoo that led them to Enemy of Peanuts.

Here are my favorites from the past 30 days:

  • enemy of peanuts—Yep, it’s me, but it’s still nice to see that people are searching for me. In the past 30 days, 30 searches for “enemy of peanuts” have led here. Hey, I won’t lie, that makes me feel pretty good!
  • baby facial hair—No real explanation here. This is simply hilarious.
  • very sexy wizzard women—This term likely led here because I work for Wizard, but I like to think that whoever searched it was simply looking for some pictures of attractive magic-wielding ladies.
  • ben and jerry’s peanut warningMy post about Ben & Jerry’s and the dangers of ice cream for people with peanut allergies got the word out. Nice!
  • chris arnone naked—Regular EoP commenter and Wizard freelancer Chris Arnone better watch out…someone online wants to see him nekkid!
  • david paggi—Speaking of the friends of EoP, two searches in the last 30 days for “david paggi” (Yes, in quotes, for specific searching.) have led to EoP. So, either Dave Googles himself regularly or…someone online wants to see him nekkid too!

(Note: I’m glad you’re on my blog, but I regret to inform all EoP readers that I do not have naked photos of David Paggi or Chris Arnone. Sorry!)

  • luchadores death from above—As I’ve said, I love luchadores, so I’m glad blogging about them has led people here!
  • yub yub—This Ewok catchphrase is a search term that often leads to my blog. Ewok fans unite!
  • hulk hogan—I don’t know how I feel about this one, but over the past 30 days, 63 searches for Hulk Hogan have led to EoP. And that’s without even mentioning the large amount of other searches for Terry Hogan, Hulk Hogan Haircut and other odd incarnations of Hulkamania that have brought people to EoP. I know this traffic is due entirely to my post relaying a goofy story from college, and now, I guess a few people who search Hogan come away with a tale from my freshman year. Ah well! It’s a funny story!

That’s it for this round, folks! Hope you got a laugh and thanks for stopping by!

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6 thoughts on “Silly Search Engine Terms Jamboree! Part Two

  1. I DID google myself! But in an attempt to see what results I could get rid of. Turns out not a lot! Guess I’ll never be completely off the grid…

  2. Dave, you’ll never escape! This is the internet age, it’s only a matter of time before you’ll be contemplating whether or not you’re a replicant. Deal with it.

    Chris, I think this just shows that the demand is out there…get that nude art site started! NOW!

  3. The sci-fi lovin’ David Will would likely take that as a compliment. David Paggi will likely be confused by this comment threads diversion to another David.

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