Silly Search Engine Terms Jamboree!

One of the greatest and most addicting things about working on the internet or running a blog is how immediately you can get tons of feedback. Programs like Google Analytics and WordPress Stats track all sorts of little things having to do with your site: From how many hits it’s getting and who’s linking your site to where in the world your visitors are coming from and which posts the interweb public seems most interested in. Once you start poring over the numbers and stats, it can easily become a massive fascination—even for folks like myself who aren’t really math-inclined.

One of my favorite stats to check is a list of the search engine terms people have plugged into Google or Yahoo that have led them to Some of them make total sense, like my first EoP: The Webcomic post getting hits for people searching for photoshop stamp crosshatch effect or someone searching hurley ewoks ending up on my post about how the most recent new episode of “Lost” got me thinking about my love of Ewoks.

But, sometimes they aren’t that normal. Here are the weirdest ones I’ve gotten on

  • egg salad sammiches—This one just strikes me as silly as I wouldn’t imagine many people searching “sammiches”
  • wooden sticks hit together instrument—this led to my claves post, still chuckleable.
  • “devil nut”—my brothers in arms are finding the site!…
  • peanut kryptonite—…and there are many of us!
  • wolverine peanuts—not sure what this guy was looking for, but I hope he found it here.
  • rachel leigh cook movie “fucking”—I know my “Josie” post got this person here, and it seems obvious what they were looking for, but why the quotations around “fucking?” What can really be misconstrued by Google there that you needed to very specifically highlight that single word?
  • carson daly—this one wouldn’t be that weird, if it didn’t lead to multiple blog hits the day my “Josie” movie review was posted. That many people apparently do search Carson Daly on the web.
  • history of gibbons beer—these search terms made me smile, and then made me really curious to find out about this “Gibbons Beer.” I used the same search terms myself and found this…
"If it's's good!"
"If it's's good!"

It seems Gibbons Beer and Gibbons Ale were standbys back in the day and came out of the Stegmaier Brewery in Wilkes-Barre, Penn. It seems this bad boy was a drink to be had around 60 years ago and according to these sales charts I found, it was outdoing current East Coast staple beer Yuengling…

Eastern Pennsylvania Coal Region Breweries
1951 Beer Sales (Brewers Journal Publication)

Stegmaier – 500,000 barrels
Kaier’s – 183,500 barrels
Old Reading – 173,500 barrels
Gibbons – 173,500 barrels
Yuengling – 115,000 barrels

Also, seems you can still buy an old can of Gibbons here for hundreds of dollars. Pretty wild!

And thus ends this Silly Search Engine Terms Jamboree, but as long as their are Googles searches out there to be done, you bet I’ll be getting more wacky terms leading to my site. Stay tuned and I’ll post’em up!

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