Movember Moustache Photo Diary 2010: Day 12

Two work weeks down. Two to go. Yep, the majestic men of Mammoth-Stache have braved their office environs for ten days of possible mustache-growing ridicule and lived to tell the tale! Luckily, our moes (What’s the plural of “mo?!”) are beginning to show and the donations we’ve received so far are really heartening. Only 12 days into Movember and, as of Friday night, Mammoth-Stache has raised $2,329! Thanks for the support, everyone!

Before we move on to the glorious gallery of mustache photos, make sure—especially if you reside in Portland—to check out the info on our upcoming Mammoth-Stache-hosted Manly Mustache Movie Night on Movember 17!

Ok, on to the main event…

Jim "Are you 4 realz?!" Gibbons: Movember 12, 2010
Aaron "The Zombie King" Colter: Movember 12, 2010
Jeremy "2 cool 4 school" Atkins: Movember 12, 2010
John "The Destroyer" Schork: Movember 12, 2010
Lucas "Seriously dude, I will eff you up!" Beechinor: Movember 12, 2010

Lucas’ quickly thick mo is the envy of the Dark Horse offices, but it does make him look pretty villainous… dastardly and dashing, if you will.

Marc "My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean" Morency: Movember 12, 2010
Max "Yes, these are the droids you're looking for." Sato: Movember 12, 2010
Philip "The Phantom of the HipHopera" Simon: Movember 12, 2010
Steve "Do you believe?" Olson: Movember 12, 2010
Mark "The Power Ballad" Chilla: Movember 12, 2010
Paul "Old Chap" Hillman: Movember 12, 2010

If you’d like to do a little comparison to last week, everyone featured in this post can also be seen in the “Day 5” post right here. Sure, our mustaches might not look amazing yet, but they look way better than they did seven days ago!

Thanks again for all the support, folks! You can keep it up with a donation… do that here: Thanks!

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  1. Your brother is looking so much like your dad with a mustasche it’s frightening! You both are looking very dapper and doing a great job!
    Love, mom

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