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15.Nov.2013 Go read my comic!

Remember that post about how I planned to learn more about the comic medium by making comics? Well, I did that!

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31.Oct.2009 I’ve got an arrow through my heart for “Eros Inc.”

For roughly a month, I’ve been contemplating the best way to express my feelings (via blog) about the webcomic “Eros Inc.” Thanks to a recent purchase, my jumbled thoughts—thoughts so jumbled due to how much I truly enjoy this comic—have gained a little organization and I’ll now commence spouting my admiration for this strip by […]


27.Aug.2009 Webcomics in ‘Wizard’

Readers of the EoP! Though I’m not normally one to mix my hobby blog and my day job, a story I conceived and edited for issue #214 of Wizard is now online and you should all check it out.


30.Jul.2009 San Diego Comic-Con from the sidelines

Last weekend was the massive San Diego Comic-Con. For those living under rocks in caves on the moon, SDCC is a pop culture and comic book convention of epic proportions that is chock-full of panels featuring comic pros, Hollywood stars and specially screened clips of upcoming movies—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The […]


21.Jul.2009 Pouring one out for my homies.

This one goes out to my boy Josh Wigler, a badass reporter and workhorse for CBR who is up to his ears in San Diego Comic-Con prep work right now.


25.Jun.2009 Get your scroll on.

I’ve been meaning to do a big post about my favorite webcomics and my highest recommendations in that arena for a while, but haven’t gotten around to it yet (Sorry!). Still, after seeing today’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zach Weiner, I had to say something about how much I love his comic strip.


17.May.2009 A barbaric idea

I came up with this fella on the subway home from work on Friday and finally had a chance to get him down on paper today. Essentially a spoof of a classic newspaper strip, he’s cute, cuddly and carries a big club… He’s Hagrrrr the Adorable: Baby Barbarian!


EoP meets Pancake Lover

I was reading a lot about webcomics on Friday at work and doodled this little strip while editing documents. In the strip, I run into Dave Paggi’s Pancake Lover—who you can see more of over at Rowdy Schoolyard—and have a webcomic encounter with him. This one’s done in amazing ballpoint pen on a super cool […]

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10.May.2009 A camp-centric comic strip gets Nothing More American back on track

Hey folks! With things going so smoothly here on EoP, I had a chance today to get my summer camp memoir blog back on track. I won’t post notices here every time that happens, but my the new post over at Nothing More American— the first in a long time—features a comic strip I drew […]

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30.Apr.2009 No stranger to danger!

After drawing up my swine flu comic and feeling as if I had spent more time on it practicing perspective and scenery than actually on the characters and the humor of it, I really felt I needed to draw and post something a bit more…well, awesome. Here’s what I came up with, and I think […]