Watch out for these little piggies in your market!

I won’t claim to know much of anything about this whole swine flu thing, but—like everyone else, I’m sure—I keep hearing the name bandied about left and right. Anywho, a weird little concept spinning out of swine flu mania and a children’s story came to me last night and I figure I’d draw it up as a one-panel comic strip. About halfway through drawing it I kinda of thought, “Hmm, this was funnier earlier,” but I was enjoying spending some time practicing my doodling of entire scenes, and not just people, so I think it was a worthwhile exercise either way…

…and if that doesn’t completely undersell it, then I don’t know what does?! I best just let it speak for itself and hopefully people get a few chuckles out of it.

Also, oddly enough, seems waiting to post it till this morning was strangely appropriate as I just got an e-mail from my Dad informing me that swine flu has officially hit my neck of the woods.

The Three Little Swines' Flu
The Three Little Swines' Flu (Click to enlarge)

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