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21.Jan.2012 Mustache Movie Madness on the MTV Movies Blog

This Movember, I was fortunate enough to receive some help in my fundraising efforts from a number of wonderful and generous people. It’s belated, but I have to pass along a huge and special “Thank you!” to my good buddy Josh Wigler! Not only has Mr. Wigler made a very large and selfless donation each […]

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03.Nov.2011 “How about a Jim Gordon?”

With a very generous donation of $100 before the auction deadline of November 1, my good friend and longtime Movember supporter Josh Wigler claimed my mustache style rights for 2011. After jokingly suggesting I shoot for a Jeff Daniels a la “Gettysburg” walrus-stache, Mr. Wigler decided I should attempt to emulate one of comic book […]

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29.Sep.2011 New York City in iPhone Photos

Over Labor Day weekend, I flew out to New York City for a visit and stayed with my good friends Josh Wigler and Emily Fox. While there, I took some photos. These are them…


08.Jul.2011 A Pre-San Diego Tradition: Year 3

Long time EoP readers may recall that every year before San Diego Comic-Con I make a new Twitter Avatar for my good friend Josh Wigler, now the head of the MTV Movies blog. This year is no exception!


13.Aug.2010 SUPER TIMELY BLOG POST ALERT! My Comic-Con experience in bits and pieces.

I went to my first San Diego Comic-Con three weeks ago. Long story short, it was a work-filled, more or less sleepless, alcohol-infused 6-day bender of nerdiness. Long story even shorter, I had a blast.


28.Jul.2010 Continuing a Pre-San Diego tradition

Last year, I drew a cartoon for my buddy Josh Wigler as he worked vigorously to prepare for Comic-Con International in San Diego. Josh used that cartooned image of himself for his Twitter icon up until last week… when he asked me to doodle him up a new face to run alongside his tweets. Busy […]


25.May.2010 May Video Parade

Over the course of a few days last week, I stumbled across or was directed to a bunch of great videos online. Like all users of the internets, I find time to watch a YouTube video here and there, but it seemed like a higher percentage of excellent viewables had come to my attention. So, […]

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18.May.2010 Two years with the Outlaw Jessi James

Over the past two years, I’ve worked two different full-time jobs, dabbled in the field of freelance journalism and collected unemployment. In those same two years, I’ve lived in three different states, pulled a U-Haul from coast to coast, raised over $1,200 with a friend and a moustache to help fight men’s cancer and shook […]


10.Mar.2010 The Great Potential of John Krasinski as Captain America

Frequenters of the internets will have seen that casting for “Captain America: The First Avenger” has been a big news item over the past week or two. The short version is that “The Office’s” John Krasinski (aka Jim Halpert) was initially in the running and an early front-runner for the role. He was then voted […]


04.Jan.2010 It’s time for a Pizza Party!

Because sometimes it saves you a few hours a day when you just post a picture worth a thousand words instead of writing them, the long neglected tumblr known as “Pizza Party!” is back.

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