I once went to All Points West

About a month ago, Jessi and I went to the sloppy wet mess of a music festival that was this year’s All Points West. While uploading more recent pictures from my camera, I stumbled upon my few APW photos and figured an extremely delayed posting would still be fun. Hopefully, by post’s end, you’ll agree with me.
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Songs I can’t get enough of right now

Anytime I take a drive of any duration, my iPod is where I get the accompanying music for the journey. I’m a big fan of shuffling, so when I’m using my gray iPod classic that’s currently home to 30GB of tracks from numerous musical genres I’m hearing one random song after the next. When I get new music, I like to put it all in a playlist and shuffle through all of it so I can sample each recent acquisition and still have some diversity in the soundtrack of my commute.

Right now, these are the songs on that recently acquired playlist that I can’t stop rocking out to…
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