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02.Sep.2010 The Many Faces of Finn gets its own fan art!

Remember, like a million years ago, when I slapped together a bunch of Adventure Time art into a wallpaper I called “The Many Faces of Finn?” To date, that post has scored my blog more hits than any other blog entry I’ve done here at Enemy of Peanuts. In short, that little wallpaper I whipped […]


22.Oct.2009 My fan art gets a little love

Well how about that! Though I sent it over to them months ago, the tumbleblog for the upcoming Cartoon Network show “Adventure Time” has just started posting fan art left and right and finally got around to posting mine!


26.Aug.2009 The Many Faces of Finn

As I’ve blogged before, I’m a massive fan of Pendleton Ward’s “Adventure Time,” and with the show finally getting ready to go on air, I’m pretty darn excited. So excited, in fact, that when I saw a series of Finn (the radtacular main character) headshots from the Cartoon Network senior staff presentation on the Adventure […]