I feel like a kid again!

I’ve been referenced or drawn in to a few comics since I began working as an editor. It’s an honor and an extremely fun perk of the job. Recently, I was added to a comic in a new cool way… I was converted into a kid!


Preview pages of "What if Werttham Was Right?" from CBLDF Liberty Annual 2013.
Preview pages of “What if Werttham Was Right?” from CBLDF Liberty Annual 2013.

The Comic Book Legal Defense Fund benefit book CBLDF Liberty Annual 2013 is coming out on October 31. Within that book is a story called “What if Wertham Was Right?” written by Josh Williamson and illustrated by Ron Chan. Though I wasn’t directly involved in this story (I helped on the Captain Midnight story in the issue written by Josh with art by Dennis Culver and Dave Stewart), Josh explained the story to me during a Cap Midnight meeting and, for some awesome and generous reason, Josh made me one of the trio of kids who find some secret comics in the woods. I’m a big fan of Ron’s art and it was really cool to be included in this story in such a fun way—being drawn as a kid by Ron. When Josh sent over Ron’s character designs, it was very cool to see that, while the kid didn’t look exactly like me as youngin’, it was a pretty rad respresentation of adult me as a kid.

I'm the tall ginger!
I’m the tall ginger!

Oddly enough/coincidentally, when I received the designs, I was wearing a light blue v-neck just like the design. Craziness!


Anywho, long story short, I’m super excited to point at this comic and go, “That’s me!” It’s a really funny story, too! You guys should pick up the CBLDF Liberty Annual when it comes out!

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  1. How cool – but keep the comic books and pass on the cartons of cigarettes.

    What an honor – way to go Jimbo

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