Another Jim Gibbons comic book appearance

Remember, back in September, when I relayed a story about how artist Evan Shaner had added a Jim Gibbons-related Easter egg to Buddy Cops, a story appearing in Dark Horse Presents? Well, that ain’t the only Jim Gibbons comic reference anymore!

Yeah, this is about as self-serving and indulgent as blog posts get, but hey, I’m in a comic book… again! It’s awesome and I have to share! I HAVE TO!

While working on the first chapter of Captain Midnight a few months back, artist Victor Ibáñez sent in his inks for page one and something that writer Joshua Williamson hadn’t put in the script found it’s way onto the page…

page 1 ink sample.
page 1 ink sample 2
Yep! That young sailor’s last name is Gibbons! My first comic cameo!

I was pretty psyched that Victor had taken it upon himself to add me as an extra in this comic. So excited, in fact, that I immediately sent the page over to Williamson and Dark Horse Editor-in-Chief Scott Allie. A) This was the first page of Victor’s gorgeous inks, which they needed to see asap for work reasons, but also, B) I was pretty excited to share this Easter egg that wouldn’t see print for months. Here’s a paraphrased version of how the emails went…

ME: Check out the first page of excellent inks from Victor. And check out the dude in panel 2!
JOSH: Ha! That’s great! You should have Victor add a mustache to that guy!
ME: I’m so tempted to do that!
SCOTT: Go for it.

And that’s the story of how Victor Ibáñez received the most extraneous inking note of—at least—my comics career.

Thankfully, Victor was kind enough to indulge us.

page 1 INK 2

With the mustache added, Victor moved on with his work and that led to another moment for a certain mustachioed navy man.

page 3 INK

Here are the final pages, featuring colors by Ego and lettering by Nate Piekos of Blambot®.

DHP2 #18 Caprain Midnight PG 01

DHP2 #18 Caprain Midnight PG 03

Pretty darn cool. Thanks again, Victor! And thanks to Scott and Josh for encouraging a bit of madness.

Comics! Not a bad gig!

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