MOVEMBER 2012 is GO! Join M.M.G.M. today!

It’s that time again…

Movember, the mustache-growing charity event that helps raise awareness about men’s health as well as money for testicular and prostate cancer programs and research, is coming up in less than a month! After such an extremely successful campaign last year (Over $20k raised in 2011!), my brother Dan and I are launching another two-teamed attack on cancer and hope to have YOU join us!

Exactly like last year, Dan and I will be bringing our super team, the Ministry of Mustache Growth & Management, back for another Movember campaign of mustache-related and -inspired awesomeness. The team will be broken down into two parts—one in the Midwest under Dan’s leadership and another in the Northwest with me, though folks from any region are welcome to join either team—and we hope we can count on you to join up, grow a sweet mo, and help your region kick some ass on the fund-raising front.

This year, it’s not all about the fund-raising, it’s about awareness. We’d love to have everyone who joins convince a friend or family member to participate on our teams this year. Testicular and prostate cancer are very treatable when diagnosed early and having a massive team of Mo Bros spreading the word about that and the rest of the Movember message should help us not only raise money for a good cause, but educate the people nearest and dearest to us, who will go on to educate those nearest and dearest to them, and so on and so forth…

Hopefully, you’re now eager to sign up and join in on the charitable fun! Aside from growing a mustache, there’s also local parties, events, and other fun activities included in Movember. It’s a fun fund-raiser, so why not join up and do some good while you have a good time?

You can join one of our teams by signing up at the links below…

Northwest (JIM):

Midwest (DAN):

Last year, we had 50 guys across the two teams. We may not be able to reach $20,000 again (Though we’ll certainly try!), but if we can increase our team size to 75 or 100 guys… well, who knows?! Anything could be possible!

I’m ready to Mo! Are you?!

Not able to join up this year? S’okay! Support us with a donation!

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