What’s even going on here anymore…?

After blogging about Stumptown Comics Fest earlier this week, I realized that I really don’t post to this blog enough. Or, even very much at all anymore, let alone “enough.” Between tumblr and twitter, I’m posting stuff online frequently, but very little of it ends up here. If I had to guess why that is, I’d imagine this blog’s lack of some more focused theme would be the answer.

Long ago, this was a beer and comics blog. Then, Enemy of Peanuts became a home for my doodles while also being a place to showcase links to my work in journalism. For three months each Fall, this blog becomes a place to talk about growing mustaches and all things Movember. And now, though used very infrequently, the blog has morphed into a collection of iPhone photos and occasional diary-style stories that are—probably—more for my own benefit than anyone else’s. EnemyofPeanuts.com has had some pretty specific purposes or themes or directions or whatever in the past, but now it’s adrift. It’s a blog without a direction run by a guy who’s not sure what to say where on the interwebs—what people care to read at all on a blog, let alone here. What can I add to this site that I don’t sling off the cuff on tumblr or twitter?

So, though my infrequency in posting to this blog likely means few people still check in on the ol’ EoP, I’d love to hear what any of my friends, readers,and—dare I say—”fans” would enjoy hearing about on this blog. Stories? Advice? Just doodles to look at/make fun of? More of a first person recounting of things that have happened to me? Seriously, I’ll take requests! But really, I hope some feedback helps me discover a new, more permanent direction for EnemyOfPeanuts.com.

Thanks in advance to anyone who sends along some input! Very much obliged.

And now, I’ll stop rambling…

(Art’s from here.)

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2 thoughts on “What’s even going on here anymore…?

  1. Hey Jim– first off, sorry it has been too long! I, like a lot of your readers have been pretty busy of late and hadn’t checked in on the old EOP. I think that if you continue to spotlight new and cool comics, give us a glimpse at working in the world of comics is like or maybe even spotlighting some neat comic places would all be welcome.

    I for one rediscovered the old Book Nook stores here in Georgia where you can get golden age, silver age stuff for next to nothing compared to a shop that deals solely in comics.


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