My Year in Graphic Novels: 2011

Much like last year, as opposed to a “Best of” list, I’ve compiled a list of what books I read in 2011.

The books are listed chronologically based on when I finished them. Notable reads are marked in italics. The novels I read were work related, but otherwise, this doesn’t include stuff I read specifically for the purposes of my job.

Here’s the list of the 50+ books I enjoyed this past year.


Batman & Robin Vol. 2 (Deluxe Edition): Batman vs. Robin [DC]

Final Crisis HC [DC]

Buffy Vol. 7: Twilight [Dark Horse]

Starman Omnibus Vol. 5 [DC]

Criminal Macabre: Cellblock 666 (Vol. 6) [Dark Horse]

James Kochalka’s SuperF*ckers [Top Shelf]

Zero Killer [Dark Horse]

Transhuman [Image]

The Nobody [DC/Vertigo]

Chronicles of Conan Vol. 9 [Dark Horse]

The Nevermen [Dark Horse]

North World: Book 2 [Oni Press]

Doom Patrol: Crawling From The Wreckage (Vol. 1 of Morrison’s Doom Patrol) [DC/Vertigo]

Doom Patrol: The Painting That Ate Paris (Vol. 2 of Morrison’s Doom Patrol) [DC/Vertigo]

Orc Stain [Image]

Nexus Archives Vol. 2 [Dark Horse]

Mysterius The Unfathomable [DC/Wildstorm]

Hellboy Junior [Dark Horse]

Silverfish [DC/Vertigo]

Beasts of Burden: Animal Rites [Dark Horse]

3 Story: The Secret History of the Giant Man [Dark Horse]

The Sandman Vol. 1: Preludes & Nocturnes [DC/Vertigo]

The Sandman Vol. 2: The Doll’s House [DC/Vertigo]

The Sandman Vol. 3: Dream Country [DC/Vertigo]

Battle Hymn [Image]

The Silver Surfer: Rebirth of Thanos [Marvel]

Captain America: Scourge of the Underworld [Marvel]

Skullkickers Vol. 1: 1000 Opas and a Dead Body [Image]

Incredible Hercules Vol. 4: Dark Reign [Marvel]

Batman: The Return of Bruce Wayne [DC]

Age of Reptiles Omnibus Vol. 1 [Dark Horse]

Buffy the Vampire Slayer: Tales [Dark Horse]

Mesmo Delivery [Dark Horse]

The Devil’s Footprints [Dark Horse]

The Troll King [Top Shelf]

The Sandman Vol. 4: Seasons of Mist [DC/Vertigo]

Ghost: Nocturnes [Dark Horse]

X Omnibus Volume 1 [Dark Horse]

The Coffin [Oni Press]

The Homeland Directive [Top Shelf]

Space Usagi [Dark Horse]

Avatar: The Last Airbender—The Lost Adventures [Dark Horse]

Green River Killer [Dark Horse]

X-Men: First Class—Tomorrow’s Brightest [Marvel]

Green Wake Vol. 1 [Image Shadowline]

Doom Patrol: Down Paradise Way (Vol. 3 of Morrison’s Doom Patrol) [DC/Vertigo]

The Strain by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan [William Morrow]

The Fall by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan [William Morrow]

House of Night: Marked (Book 1) [St. Martin’s Griffin]

House of Night: The Fledgling Handbook 101 [St. Martin’s Griffin]

House of Night: Betrayed (Book 2) [St. Martin’s Griffin]

The Night Eternal by Guillermo Del Toro and Chuck Hogan [William Morrow]


I’m fairly certain this is a comprehensive list of my pleasure reading for the year, but I may have forgotten something. If I’ve learned anything this year, as I set out with the insane goal of reading a graphic novel every two days in 2011, it’s that working in the editorial department of a publishing house had me reading so much at work that I didn’t have as much time for pleasure reading at home. Or, I did so much reading at work it lead to a lot more TV binging on my off time. (I watched all of Star Trek: The Next Generation among many other series runs and full seasons this year.) Regardless, looks like I need to aim to do more reading on my own time in 2012!

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