“How about a Jim Gordon?”

With a very generous donation of $100 before the auction deadline of November 1, my good friend and longtime Movember supporter Josh Wigler claimed my mustache style rights for 2011.

After jokingly suggesting I shoot for a Jeff Daniels a la “Gettysburg” walrus-stache, Mr. Wigler decided I should attempt to emulate one of comic book history’s greatest mustaches…

…Gotham City Police Commissioner Jim Gordon!

A manly and well maintained mustache that’s been one of the most recognizable signs of law and order in Gotham—next to familiar and fear-inducing images like the Bat Signal—for decades, Gordon has a classic cop ‘stache I’m more than willing to give a go. Good choice, Mr. Wigler!

Here’s how Josh explained his choice…

How about a Jim Gordon? A thick upper lip that gives the illusion that the mustache might actually BE your lip!

The reason I ask is because I found out yesterday that one of my very favorite teachers of all time—Jim Pryall, my 11th grade English Honors teacher and the first man to formally teach me about film—passed away over the weekend at the far too young age of 60, the victim of a heart attack.

Jim Pryall is basically the spitting image of what I imagine Jim Gordon to look like circa Batman: Year One. Tall, past the six foot barrier, with arms like tree trunks, an ever-reliable black turtleneck, brown hair combed perfectly and a perfect replica of the Gordon ‘stache on his upper lip at all times. I believe he shaved only once; it was one of the worst things I’d ever seen.

Pryall’s death has had a surprisingly strong impact on me over the past 24 hours. With Jim gone, I’d love to honor him with a Jim Gordon ‘stache. Three Jims for the price of one!

Think that’s doable?

Doable? I’ll absolutely give this homage ‘stache my best shot and try to do justice to the two other Jims who’ve rocked it so well!

Jim Gordon from DC's animated Batman: Year One movie.

The only really tricky thing about the Gordon ‘stache is its history. Jim Gordon has been a comic book mainstay since long before I was born and while his look has remained generally consistent, this classic character (and his signature mustache) have been handled by dozens of talented artists. The ‘stache has—more or less—always remained, but exactly how it looks has evolved through the years.

Behold the variations!

By Francesco Francavilla

By David Mazzucchelli

By Tim Sale

From Batman: The Animated Series

Gary Oldman as Jim Gordon

By David Mazzucchelli

By Francesco Francavilla

By Alex Ross

By Dan McDaid

What style of Jim Gordon mustache I grow is more dependent on the shape of my upper lip than my styling abilities, but I’ll do my damnedest to grow a clear Commissioner homage! I’ve already started filling out the upper lip, I’m excited to see how the rest of it comes in.

Once again, thanks for the big donation and the great ‘stache selection, Josh ol’ buddy! It’s appreciated!

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