The 11th Hour kick off their Movember… with video!

I’ve never grown a mustache alongside real, live internet personalities before! But this year, that all changes!

Let me explain…

Last year, the fine folks over at—old buddies of mine—were kind enough to have me on their weekly podcast and allow me to promote my Movember efforts. Consistently a fun group of guys to interact with online or in person, I’m always impressed, flattered, humbled, and very grateful for how supportive the PoP! crew has been of lil’ ol’ me—not to mention any fun-loving nerd that crosses their path and wants to join their awesome enclave of fanboy (and fangirl!) friendship. Point being, that’s a bunch of real solid dudes over at PoP!

And so, it’s both a pleasure and an honor to announce that two members of the PoP!ulation have joined the Ministry of Mustache Growth & Management for Movember 2011!

The 11th Hour, also known as Jason “K-Nice if ur nasty” Knize and Jose “Hot Guz with the Hot Fuzz” Guzman, the crew behind’s insane video prowess, will be mo’ing it up this year and I’m totally thrilled about it! And they are too! Just check out their Movember kickoff video…

From the video’s description:

The Tag Team Champions of the World, The 11th Hour, have thrust themselves into the yearly ritual of Movember, wherein men grow mustaches in an effort to raise money and awareness for men’s cancers. As part of the Ministry of Mustache Growth & Management, The 11th Hour will be helping to raise over $10,000 for their team. Also, on November 11th, 2011, The 11th Hour will be broadcasting 24 Hours of 11th Hour Radio on telethon-style!

To donate to The 11th Hour and Movember, go to!

Look at those beautiful baby faces!

K-Nice, Hot Guz… once again, thanks for joining up this year! I’m really looking forward to those ‘staches and growing one with you crazy mother truckers as my teammates in the pursuit of manly mustache memories and cancer-combating funds!

Folks, mark your calendars for November 11 and make sure to tune in to the 24 Hours of 11th Hour Radio on! Good times guaranteed!

Got damn, this Movember is off to a helluva start!

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2 thoughts on “The 11th Hour kick off their Movember… with video!

  1. Addendum: Love that these two dudes are essentially attached at the hip this whole video. It’s an excellent visual metaphor for TRUE FRIENDSHIP.

    Also, enjoyed The 11th Hour (not so) secretly showing off their beefy calf muscles throughout the entire video. That’s the subtle sexuality I’ve come to expect from these fine gentlemen!

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