I have an affinity for cartoonists who draw in a style so simplistic it, at first, appears you could draw equally well if you just put a smidgen of effort into it. Of course, when you actually put pen to paper, you begin to realize that drawing really “basic” cartoons is just as hard or harder than penciling photo-realistic facsimiles of Hollywood superheroes. It’s for this reason I truly admire the work of guys like Graham Annable and Anthony Clark, not to mention the inimitable James Kochalka.

Kochalka has a style all his own, draws an insane amount of comics between his printed books and his website strips and his quirky yet uproariously hilarious sense of humor ties the whole package together into a catalog of work people should be required to experience and enjoy. It may be rude and crude from time to time, but it’s also unarguably fantastic. Take a look and see what I mean.

From the Kochalka’s daily auto-bio strip American Elf

From his Top Shelf graphic novel Super F*ckers

From Star Wars Tales

I mean, the guy has a book called Dragon Puncher! Need I say more?

Mr. Kochalka, I salute you! People reading this, go check out some Kochalka cartoons. The man’s already put together something to listen to while you read them, so dig in!

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