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20.Feb.2011 Kochalka!

I have an affinity for cartoonists who draw in a style so simplistic it, at first, appears you could draw equally well if you just put a smidgen of effort into it. Of course, when you actually put pen to paper, you begin to realize that drawing really “basic” cartoons is just as hard or […]

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02.Feb.2011 A day in the life… Hourly Comic Day!

Once a year, folks across the globe are encouraged to draw a comic chronicling each hour of their day. Here are some of the basics from the Hourly Comic Day Web site…


05.May.2010 “Lost” Comics!

Much as I enjoy speculating about the numerous mysteries of “Lost,” I haven’t blogged much about the show’s actual episodes since they talked about Ewoks last season. I’ll leave the heavy “Lost” commentary to people getting paid to write it, but that won’t keep me from highlighting my favorite thing the final season has led […]

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06.Apr.2010 Hodgepodgin’

This post is all about some odds and ends I’ve been meaning to blog. It starts off very Jim Gibbons-centric and moves on from there. As to these first links, let’s just say I’m keeping a record of online references to myself in order to one day show my grandkids how “cool” I was as […]