Platinum Club Member Status: Achieved!

Back in September when I began blogging about Movember 2010, I looked at the $782 I raised last year (A good number for my first mustache-centric fund-raising go ’round.) and made it my aim to hit a total of $1,000 or more in the upcoming campaign. I was shooting for Platinum Club Member status—an ambitious but achievable goal.

I’m happy to report that today, with donations from Marc Morency, Corey Abad, Mike Reynolds and Reshad Staitieh, I hit my sought after fund-raising target with eight more days left in Movember! Thanks very much for your contributions, gentlemen! And a big “thank you” to everyone else who donated, a lot or a little, helped me get to the $1,000 mark!

Jim Gibbons: Movember Platinum Club Member 2010

Upon reaching $1,000, I received this e-mail from the Movember Campaign:

Dear Jim,
A commendable effort for you and Movember.

Your valiant, generous and considered efforts have raised $1,000 for the Movember 2010 campaign—a sterling effort. It also means you can now claim official membership to the Movember Platinum Club, arguably one of the most sought after, prestigious and respected clubs in modern society.

Your name will be listed on the Movember Web site and you’ll receive a personalized certificate and fantastic prize—the limited Movember edition of Debrett’s “Guide for the Modern Gentleman” book.

Movember and its beneficiary partners, the Prostate Cancer Foundation (PCF) and LIVESTRONG, would like to sincerely thank you for your support in 2010. The money you have raised will help make a tangible difference to the lives of others, through the world’s most promising prostate cancer research and LIVESTRONG’s programs that support young adults and their families battling and surviving cancer.

Safe to say, I’m pretty psyched and definitely feeling darn good about hitting my fund-raising goal for Movember 2010. That said, I’d love to blow the $1,000 mark out of the water and grab plenty more donations in the next week and a half. So, please, consider making a donation. Every little bit helps and each tax-deductible donation is a blow struck against men’s cancer. Here’s the donation location: Please “donate to me” at that link! Thanks!

And once more, thank you so much to everyone who donated and helped me reach the Platinum Club. You’re all amazing!

A list of the aforementioned amazing people…
Reshad Staitieh
Michael Reynolds
Corey Abad
Marc Morency
Dan Gibbons
Lisa Bergstrom
Paul Hillman
Mark Chilla
Philip Simon
Mac Harris
Aaron Colter
Daisy Hibbard
Pascal Nittis
Patricia Bergstrom
John & Patsy Fiske
Sam Gable
Jessi Reynolds
Juan Davila
Odell Poletti (Matt Lubicky)
Jeremy Atkins
Jan Lampe of Fred Astaire Portland
Kristen Leatherbee
Chris Gaslin
Josh Wigler and Emily Fox
Molly McHugh
Chris Jansen
John Schork
David Paggi
Marty and Dave Gibbons
Christine Dinh
Michael Gombos
Ryan Hill
Alexis Gibbons
Anne Marie Lubicky
Rachel Kaufman
George Watson
Caleb & Anna Goellner
Ben Morse

Thank you all!

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