Movember Moustache Photo Diary 2010: Day 20

Day 20 and we’re less than $100 away from $3,000 on the fund-raising front. It feels good! There are still plenty of days to donate, peoples. But don’t wait, make a donation today!

Just a few photos, as folks are out enjoying their weekends. Let’s get to it…

Jim "Bonesaw is ready!" Gibbons: Movember 20, 2010
Dan "I saw the sign!" Gibbons: Movember 20, 2010
Marc "I love my ear buds!" Morency: Movember 20, 2010
Paul "There's a snake in my boots!" Hillman: Movember 20, 2010

Much like Matt Parkinson‘s solidarity ‘stache, my good buddies from The Cotton Mollies (Who played their final show at Mojo’s in Columbia, Mo., last night—sad.) shaved into some solidarity ‘staches to help spread the word about Movember. Imagine these fantastic crumb catchers rockin’ some most excellent bluegrass jams and you can imagine how great that final show must have been!

Brian Heffernan: Mustachioed!
Reshad Staitieh: Mustachioed!

Thanks for the support, gents! Next year, I implore you… I insist… you must mo’ it up!

Thanks for checking in and for your constant support, friends! And if you haven’t yet, please make a donation and help fight men’s cancer! Or make another. Either way! Thanks!


"Mustaches in the house!"
"Reach for the sky!"

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2 thoughts on “Movember Moustache Photo Diary 2010: Day 20

  1. Brian and Reshad, where have you guys been? I can’t believe your friggin ‘staches!!! They are incredible. Is that seriously only 20 days of growth? You guys are fricking follicle factories!!! me so jealous.

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