Moustaches in motion: Movember videos on YouTube.

I know I’ve been a Movember-fueled blogging machine of late, but hey, I’m punching the keys for a cause I’m passionate about that’s also a fun way to raise some cash to combat cancer. Plus, I’m a bit of a facial hair enthusiast… so, why not use my facial talents for good, right? With great facial hair comes great responsibility.

Before I jump into tonight’s Mo update, don’t forget that you can donate to my Movember efforts or join Team Mammoth-Stache today!

Moving on…

The Movember campaign has recently posted a series of videos on their YouTube channel. I thought I’d post some here. I’ll start with my personal favorite: a 40 second commercial with one of the most charismatic moustaches I’ve ever seen. Enjoy!

Here’s another one from the same series of ads…

I’m definitely digging the direction of this year’s campaign, playing up the goofiness and retro coolness of a moustache.

Here’s a video quickly breaking down the Mo-growing rules of Movember, as well as offering a compelling reason why the ladies will love your commitment to cancer fighting.

If you’re curious to learn more about the impact Movember has had on the Livestrong Foundation and the Prostate Cancer Foundation, the organizations that benefit from Movember funds raised in the USA, these two videos are short but informative.

This next video is cheesy, but features some helpful nuggets of info about fund-raising—worth checking out if you have a few more minutes to spare.

Lastly, if you’re feeling a bit invasive, you can accompany Movember CEO Adam Garone to his yearly physical. Go get yours, gents! I’m calling to set mine up tomorrow!

If you trucked through all those videos, or even just one, you’ve definitely learned a bit more about the Movember campaign. Hopefully, that’s got you thinking about joining Team Mammoth-Stache or donating to my Movember fund-raising efforts! It’s a great cause, folks! Get involved in one way or another!

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