Get (Scott) Pilgrim-ized!

There’s a rad promotional thingy-majigger for the upcoming “Scott Pilgrim vs. The World” that everybody and their mothers are linking to and posting images of today. I created my Scott Pilgrim avatar last night and here’s my bandwagon-jumping blog-posting display of my tooned-out counterpart…

Gotta rock the short shorts! I need the range of movement they provide!

Guys and girls, remember when I was all excited about the Scott Pilgrim movie? That is still the case!


UPDATE: Jessi just Pilgrim-ized herself, so I’m posting it here…

More proof that Jessi is a super cool girlfriend... as if more proof was needed! Pssssh!

Turns out Jessi is “##” years old, which either makes her a fetus, an immortal or an immortal fetus. More on this intriguing story as it develops…

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