All Day Pizza Buffet: A Post-It for Dirk

After blogging yesterday’s Post-It doodles, I received a friendly prompt from Dark Horse super fan and knowledgeable comics aficionado Dirk Bauman reminding me that I owe him a doodle. I set blue Uniball pen to flimsy yellow paper and here’s what I came up with. It’s heavily inspired by this blog post from Dirk’s Comic Book Corner.

What an ingrate!

I based my doodle on the below picture of the Dirk-inator, so you can clearly see my likeness work has reached mind-bogglingly impressive levels. Beard, shades and bandana? Check, check and check! INTENSE!

That red text is factual. This dude loves comics.

Thanks for your unwavering support of Dark Horse Comics, Dirk! And thanks for swingin’ by this ol’ blog from time to time, as well!

Click here for more All Day Pizza Buffet!

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One thought on “All Day Pizza Buffet: A Post-It for Dirk

  1. Uh, Solar chooses 420 Day to rescue me!? Who separates a guy in shades and a bandanna from his comic books on 420 Day?

    Or are we headed to his place to spark one up?

    Cosmic chronic? Whoa, Dude…

    Thanks for the doodle and the nice post. (You swore me to secrecy or I’d love you up on my blog.)

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