All Day Pizza Buffet: Post-Its

I often find that reading about comics and looking at comic art all day is a lot like watching the Food Network. Much like seeing Emeril whip up some garlic mashed potatoes can send me into the kitchen to try and concoct something delicious, viewing gorgeous graphic art all day is hard without taking a second to doodle here and there.

Over the past few months, I’ve spent a few quick snippets of time scribbling between tasks at work and ended up with a fine little collection of Post-It doodles. Nothing fancy, but hey, these illustrations satisfy that “I must cartoon!” need that crops up after looking at rad art for hours.

The Goon moved by an issue of Doctor Solar, Man of the Atom.
A smug Solar.
John McClane: Ultimate Badass.
"The benefits of a classical education."
Caleb Goellner as a masked crimefighter with a crab claw... at the time, this made sense.
Beartato on a trampoline.
A Magnus strip I drew up while the rest of the comics world was at C2E2.
I've had Solar and Magnus on my mind recently, thus the goofy strips.

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And don’t forget about Larry Joe Mitchell’s super cool Post-It art over at the forum!

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4 thoughts on “All Day Pizza Buffet: Post-Its

  1. I’m gonna go hold ted turner for ransom until he gives you a job at cartoon network… All of it looks pretty good– the goon pic and the gruber look expecially awesome IMHO.

    thanks for the post Jim– i always enjoy this stuff!

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