The Irregular Doodler: A possible return for All Day Pizza Buffet

While talking today with my associate and friend Caleb Goellner, it dawned on me that just thinking about drawing was in no way going to improve my meager doodling skills. It also occurred to me that continually fiddling around with a doodle pad but never planning my scribbling adventures out beforehand is not really stretching any of the skills I would like stretched. In fact, my spontaneous sketching often has my doodles looking remarkably similar (See here and then here).

So, I wrote myself a tiny script, sat down and doodled up some tiny figures. Then I wrote in some words, did a little scanning and viola!


Futzed around with paint bucket...

Now the real question is, “Is this the return of the daily—and fabled—doodle cartoon known as ‘All Day Pizza Buffet?'” The answer: kinda.

“ADPB” was really just a “project” I began to encourage myself to doodle more. This cartoon is the beginning of another period of encouraging myself to doodle more. So yeah, the answer is “kinda.” Still, I’ll be filing this puppy under the “ADPB” header in my (generously titled) “webcomics” section. Feel free to peruse that if you enjoyed this!

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