Me, circa Late 2009

As my few regular readers (i.e. my family) may have noticed, I haven’t posted any drawings in a while. Life’s been so busy and overwhelming with the move to Portland, adjusting to a new job and learning a new city that I decided to put down my doodle pad for a bit.

However, I felt the need for a new profile picture on Twitter this evening and whipped up this beaut on the first attempt—free hand! Hey, I still got it!… kinda… right?!


With a bit o' photoshop coloring.

Ok guys, I swear, I am gonna write a real post soon or draw something super cool—gots to get this blog rolling again…with a vengeance!

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4 thoughts on “Me, circa Late 2009

  1. Think you just came up with your main character? I don’t know if you’re emulating anyone, but I think you’re getting something that looks like your own. Keep it up.

  2. This was just some freehand doodling, but yeah, it does look like someone good’s style… I must have bitten someone’s style incidentally. On further reflection, this may look too good to have been drawn by me. I may have entered a fugue state and channeled the spirit of a great cartoonist.

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