My fan art gets a little love

Well how about that! Though I sent it over to them months ago, the tumbleblog for the upcoming Cartoon Network show “Adventure Time” has just started posting fan art left and right and finally got around to posting mine!

It wasn’t a contest or anything, but it’s still pretty cool to see my two-panel comic strip posted on a site associated with the show. You can check it out by clicking here, but if you’ve been frequenting this blog, you’ve likely seen it before.

Fan Art Mission Accomplished!
Fan Art Mission Accomplished!

Also, back when the “Adventure Time” folks posted a whole bunch of headshots of their main character Finn, I was so thrilled to see them that I combined them into a massive wallpaper-sized image. I sent it over to “AT’s” tumblr and they posted it as well. Check that out! Pretty exciting stuff!

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One thought on “My fan art gets a little love

  1. Nice… Any delay at cartoon network is probably more a function of them all being stoned out of their minds than anyting to do with your talent as a cartoonist or their eagerness to post stuff on their site : )

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