My ‘Adventure Time’ fan art comic strip

Ever since I saw the “Share Your Fan Art” button in the margin of the “Adventure Time” tumbleblog, I began plotting a super short comic strip to submit. I opted for a slightly crazed, Hulkin’ out Finn… and here it is!

(Click to Enlarge)
(Click to Enlarge)

Remember to check out “Adventure Time,” coming soon to Cartoon Network, and keep your web dial tuned to!

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5 thoughts on “My ‘Adventure Time’ fan art comic strip

  1. I admitedly have no idea what ‘adventure time’ is, but I think your drawing is great looking– did you do that on a computer, if so, what program? It looks proffessional. (i.e. like a lot of what goes on adult swim)

  2. Thanks, amigo!

    “Adventure Time” is soon to be the greatest cartoon ever to grace Cartoon Network. See this old EoP post for more.

    For this, I drew some rough pencil sketches, scanned them into my computer, then “inked” over them with a wacom pen tablet in Photoshop.

  3. your way better at drawing the ice king than i am really good drawing, next time you make an adventure time comic, add the lumpy space princess. i love her!!

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