This Movember, my moustache is GO!

Recently, I posted an article asking people if I should grow a moustache this Movember to benefit men’s health awareness. In a few short days, the support and encouragement on this blog, my Facebook and Twitter accounts was so positive that I have decided to definitely participate in Movember this year.

I mean, heck, I had the freakin’ co-founder and CEO of Movember tweeting me early encouragement, how could I not ‘stache it up this year?!

My 'stache is totally high-profile now. (Click to Enlarge)
My 'stache is totally high-profile now. (Click to Enlarge)

I’ll have all the proper info up soon so all you lovely people can donate and support my ‘stache in style all Movember, but the real question now is…what kind of moustache am I going to grow?!
Upper lips beware! (Click to Enlarge)
Upper lips beware! (Click to Enlarge)

I’m thinking a classy Selleck-esque ‘stache, but I’m open to suggestion!

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One thought on “This Movember, my moustache is GO!

  1. The CEO of Movember? Who IS that guy? Is growing staches his hobby when not serving grand slams at denny’s? SERIOUSLY? Is that a paid position? I’m questioning the very fabric of the universe right now! (joke)

    As for what to grow, the gringo and the trucker are the most obvious/funny ones… but the regent and the connoisseur would also make people extremely uncomfortable and possibly assume you are a homosexual… so my vote goes with them : )

    BTW, I would not go to a bar or a prison yard with any of the above staches for fear that you might get cornholed.

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