Straight up pluggin’ it: “Special Edition” #1

Now, I don’t normally sit in my ivory tower of blogginess and insist you purchase things on my recommendation (aside from all these AMAZING T-SHIRTS!!!), but I must insist you grab a copy of Special Edition #1.

Gotta love that retro cover!
Gotta love that retro cover!

Featuring rad art, snappy writing and a series of short stories that will blow your mind, Special Edition #1 is 52 solid pages of comics without a single ad! I’ve been checking out snippets of Special Edition‘s numerous vignettes over at, the online home of project frontman and artist 3!ll, and it’s been an extremely enjoyable read so far—one I can only imagine gets better with a physical copy of the comic in my hands.

Plus, Special Edition‘s got a little something for everyone with superhero, pirate and downright violent and hilarious stories—not to mention the stellar art and well written stories! That you’ll enjoy it is a guarantee, the question is really how much will you love it?

On the personal tip, my main man Josh Wigler (aka Jarsh Wiggleheimer the Third, co-creator of Laser Heroin) is one of the writers on Special Edition. Wigglonadon’s involvement in the project has led me to have a few brief but very pleasant online encounters with 3!LL, among which he has been very supportive of my cartooning endeavors here at EoP. To get some positive feedback and encouragement from a dude who can flat-out draw (observe) is just amazingly helpful to hear at the stage I am at now, so a little return support is the least I can do!

The bottom line is that Special Edition, aside from being an incredibly cool comic, features the work of the two aforementioned excellent chaps who deserve your patronage and support, so go buy your copy today!

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