Enemy of Peanuts’ PoP! video plug

At Chicago Comic-Con, the fellas from Panels On Pages were videoing in full effect and waved me down for an interview at the end of the con. Though—I’m told—parts of the “PoP! Quiz” I took will air in a later video, the PoP!stars had me film a quick plug for their site, Wizard and EnemyOfPeanuts.com that they used in their recent PoP! Invasion video.

I’ve embedded the video here for you lazy people, but head over to Panelsonpages.com afterward and give it a look—damn good people puttin’ together that site!

Though I’ll blame my exhaustion from an incredibly long weekend on my relatively haggard state in the clip, here’s what I’ve learned from this video: I need to improve my plugging ability! Though I get the names of Panels on Pages, Wizard and Enemy of Peanuts out there (And thanks to a well placed “ENEMYOFPEANUTS.COM” on the screen—thanks K-Nice!), I don’t actually explain why they are cool or what they are.

Bad form, Peter! Bad form.

Well, you live and you learn…and then you get Luvs!

Note: This video can be viewed in HD. I have never seen myself in High Def…till now! This may be the first time—EVER!—Jim Gibbons has been available in HD. Enjoy it! Ha!

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2 thoughts on “Enemy of Peanuts’ PoP! video plug

  1. In HD you look even more hairy. I didn’t think that was possible. I was proven wrong.

    Keep up the good work.

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