All Day Pizza Buffet: Noodles

Popping an EoP “cameo” in ADPB was suggested by Josh Wigler, but I came up with all the comedic comedy and did the decent drawing. F. Y. I.

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(Click to Enlarge)

Just for the record, this strip was not inspired by this incident with Chinese food, but by one that happened a few months before this blog even existed! The past! Crazy!

Also, if Josh Wigler ever asks you if he should sign his journalistic and comic work as “J.D. Wigler” instead of “Josh Wigler,” please inform him that it would be dumb to do so. Very dumb. I mean, who does this guy want to be?! That guy who wasn’t as cool as Cody from “Step By Step?!” Geez!

Lastly, there’s more All Day Pizza Buffet right here!

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5 thoughts on “All Day Pizza Buffet: Noodles

  1. Hey, just some more fodder for the EOP comic, but ‘fudge brownie mix’ at wal-mart has 3 different kinds of nuts in them, despite not being labeled as such– they have bits of almonds, walnuts and peanuts in them even though they are called regular ‘fudge brownies’ on the label… Maybe its time to stick it to the man? –C.W. Trieshmann

  2. Oh man! Yeah Bill, the man fuckin’ hates me! He is always trying to poison my food!

    And Josh, I was pretty sure you already had to kill me…so…bit confused there. Anywho, if I have to go, please kill me in your awesome apartment! Thanks!

  3. Personally, I can eat most tree nuts, but usually don’t. I have to worry about peanuts, other legumes, pistachios, brazil nuts and cashews. And thanks for the props on panel two! I began drawing all these ADPBs freehand without plotting anything (on paper) first, and I really felt like a butchered the first panel. So yeah, I poured a lot more into two. Glad it paid off.

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