My UFragTV interview on YouTube!

Sadly, it seems some camera problems kept the first—and larger—portion of my interview from being recorded, but the fantastic folks at UFrag took the time to pop up a YouTube video of their footage featuring me. Thanks guys!

So, please check it out and watch it a whole bunch of times and send it to your friends and family and have them do the same!

Also, as I mentioned in my other post about the interview, I apparently scored some internet admirers during my appearance—which is again evidenced by the sole comment on the YouTube clip. I’m flattered to say that I apparently induce drooling. Score! But again, ladies, I do have a beautiful and brilliant girlfriend, sorry!

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One thought on “My UFragTV interview on YouTube!

  1. Nice– word to the wise though, when you get a lot female attention don’t mention it as girlfriends get jealous and assume the worst ; ) Chicks subconciously dig facial hair as it shows you have lots of testosterone for mating. (ron burgany voice) It’s SCIENCE.

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