Jim Gibbons on Internet TV!

Though this past weekend was maddeningly crazy/busy, it wasn’t without some completely great and memorable moments. One of those moments was being interviewed for the UFragTV live stream from Chicago Comic-Con. The interview was a bit longer, but this is the only bit I can find over at http://ufragtv.com

If for some reason the video isn’t working for you, try this link.

The featured bit at the beginning of this clip is only the tail end of my interview, but either way it was a pretty cool experience. I’m no celebrity, but it’s certainly cool to be interviewed as if I was one.

For a pretty goofy little bit within the video, fast forward to about eight minutes and thirty seconds (00:08:30!) into the clip. It seems that one of the folks at home watching live requested that the interviewer ask me if I was single. I had taken off at this point (Though, if you watch the video between the interview’s end and this nugget you can see some “exciting” candid footage of me having a conversation!) but UFrag’s host speculates for the audience that I am in fact married and therefore off the market for at least one feisty home viewer.

To set the record straight, I am unmarried, but not single. My extremely beautiful girlfriend Jessi was at the show (Her first comic book convention! Awwww!) and is the woman/clue that led to this spicy “rumor” that I am married. So, to recap: Not married, but sorry ladiez of the internetz, I am taken.

Speaking of rumors, after working steadily and quietly in the comic book industry for two years I have finally made my first appearance on a comic book news and rumors site! Over at Rich Johnston’s Bleeding Cool, a loyal BC reader who tuned into UFragTV’s livestream reported on and added some commentary to all the con there was to see via the interwebs. Here’s the quick recap of my appearance from Bleeding Cool…

Not quite "Is he single?" But I'll take it!
Not quite "Is he single?" But I'll take it!

Any press is good press, right?!

But honestly, I can’t deny that there’s a little thrill to popping up here. Sure, it’s not a guy saying, “You know who’s awesome? Jim Gibbons!” but I’m just kind of tickled that someone who wasn’t my parents (to whom I sent a link) saw the interview. Hopefully if there’s a next time I pop up over at Bleeding Cool, it’ll be because someone is going, “Have you seen this guy’s kinda-decent cartooning? It doesn’t suck!”

More weekend recaps soon to come, so stay tuned!

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