San Diego Comic-Con from the sidelines

Last weekend was the massive San Diego Comic-Con. For those living under rocks in caves on the moon, SDCC is a pop culture and comic book convention of epic proportions that is chock-full of panels featuring comic pros, Hollywood stars and specially screened clips of upcoming movies—and that’s just the tip of the iceberg. The show floor is loaded with nearly a bajillion exhibitors, artists, creators and vendors, and after hours there are parties out the wazoo.

Or so I’ve heard.

I’ve never been out to SDCC and this year was no different. While I had a relaxing weekend at home, some of my good buddies in the comic journalism biz were out there working their butts off and having a great time in the massive schmorgisborg of nerdiness that is San Diego. So, I’ve decided to compile some of my favorite SDCC links so can blog vicariously through them, so to speak.

Here goes…

Kiel Phegley, former wiz of a Wizard reporter now rocking it at Comic Book Resources, posted part one of his SDCC recap on his blog, Four Color Forum, which you should all check out. As I said to Kiel in the comments field below his post (which I’ll lift and repost here), “Kiel, I just have to say that your unwavering enthusiasm and zest for your job is a constant reminder that working in comics is pretty damn cool—which is always nice to be reminded of.” Working in comics ain’t all glitz and glamor, but when I read retellings like this one from Kiel, it’s always a nice reminder that—in spite of its faults—the comic industry and community is a great thing to be a part of, be it as a fan or professional in any capacity.

¿Video Juegos de Scott Pilgrim? ¡Dios Mio!
¿Video Juegos de Scott Pilgrim? ¡Dios Mio!

Also, the bit of news coming out of the show that may have me most excited is the announcement of a Scott Pilgrim video game.

I actually hadn’t gotten around to reading Bryan Lee O’Malley’s epic indie comics saga about a slacker/bass-player (Scott Pilgrim, ‘natch!) who needs to combat and defeat his almost-girlfriend’s seven evil exes in video game-esque battles, but I chugged through all five volumes a few months ago and fell head over heels for this quirky story with roots in so many video games I played growing up. Check out Kiel’s interview with O’Malley about the game, go check out the books and just allow those to build you up to a general level of “completely freakin’ psyched” that’ll have you craving a chance to beat down some robots with a bass guitar…in the video game…though, that’d be pretty rad anywhere.

From "FLCL": This bass is about to felt by a face in the crowd!
From "FLCL": This bass is about to felt by a face in the crowd!

(Sidenote: Scott Pilgrim and the anime “FLCL” have led me to the decision that a bass guitar is my weapon of choice in any rock ‘n roll battle to the death. And I am not talking a “Battle of the Bands.” I mean, I would wield a bass and use it to clock suckas right in the face if I was ever entered into some bizarre gladiatorial tournament…in space.)

On the CBR tip, I posted a comic last week about how my boy Josh Wigler was going mad with SDCC work. Now that it’s completed, and Josh has caught me up on the entire experience over an excellent Beer Lunch yesterday (Like regular lunch, but with lots of beer!), you should all go read his articles! He worked his tail off, the least you can do is click a few links!

More, you say? Well, more linkage I have!

Over at The Cool Kids Table, Ben Morse (of fame) and Rickey Purdin (of DC Comics fame) put up two posts you should definitely check out. First, Ben posted a reflective essay on this year’s SDCC experience versus past Comic-Cons he’s attended. As a guy who’s never been to a comic book convention outside of work, I found Ben’s views and observations particularly interesting. It’s also a good read for anyone who has never been to a convention but is thinking of checking one out—a full spectrum sort of deal.

Next, Rickey posted most of the art additions he got to his Watchmen sketchbook.

For those non-comic folk out there, a sketchbook of this nature is normally a bound book taken around to different artists at conventions. Sometimes after paying a fee or sometimes for free, artists will draw something in your book allowing you a truly unique memento of that convention. Often, but not necessarily, accompanied with a certain theme—like the Watchmen—sketchbooks can become very cool collections of original art drawn by comic creators who would otherwise maybe never draw the Hulk surfing, for instance.

As an aforementioned massive fan of Fábio Moon and Gabriel Bá, I have to most highly recommend checking out Rickey’s sketches from those brilliant Brazilians. Take a look at Moon’s Dr. Manhattan and Bá’s Owlship.

Lastly, Justin Aclin went to SDCC to promote his new graphic novel Hero House . Head over to for more on that!

Ok, that about does it for EoP’s San Diego Comic-Con “coverage.” Hopefully you all enjoyed some of these links, ’cause frankly, I always love a good excuse to plug the online fare of rad, hardworking people.

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  1. I really hope there’s a DS version of the Scott Pilgrim game. I can only imagine a tiny little Scott would be super cute.

  2. I have also never been to SDCC. I was really enjoying the stream of tweets coming from SoCal. Jim Lee was posting tons of great sketches, somebody gave Geoff Johns a 7-11 gift card (his epic Slurpee stories are priceless), and Stephen Wacker was running around like a tranny with her hair on fire.

    That Watchmen sketchbook is sweet.

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