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The current intro image to
The current intro image to

What is Drunken Book Club? The simple answer is that it’s a place where some of my closest friends and I, all of whom enjoy writing fiction, can post and workshop stories. Also, occasionally, we may actually talk about books.

I explain the “history” of DBC in the blog’s “About” page entitled “Regarding DBC,” which I am reprinting here in full for your reading convenience…

Begun in 2003 as three drunken young freshman at the University of Missouri chose to discuss literature and writing after a night of carousing, Drunken Book Club was born out of one simple idea: “Drinking while talking about books and writing is awesome.”

Since its inception, Drunken Book Club has both languished in inaction and thrived in the dark booth seating of McNalley’s Pub in Columbia, Mo. During this time, the focus moved from the discussion of books on to the clumsy fiction of its members.

Now, as the many contributors of Drunken Book Club have moved out into the four corners of the world, this online roost was created as a locale for the intellectual and debaucherous individuals who participated in this group to post their fiction, personal news and—possibly—their thoughts and reviews on books.

So, pour a brew and get ready for one heck of a reading experience!

Right now the only contributors have been my buddies Frank Johnson, George Watson (their blogs can be found in the “Interweb Compatriots” field under Relative Pragmatism and George Goes Korean, respectively) and myself, but hopefully more folks from Mizzou who once participated in DBC will begin writing and chiming in soon. Think of it as a creative writing workshop, online with good buddies…and you get to peek in and comment on the whole thing!

Drunken Book Club is just in it’s infancy now, but we’ve got some great posts so far…

George posted a story spawned from the now infamous Megan Fox/Yellow Rose picture. Frank has pounded out two quirky character sketches, one inspired by Craigslist and the other taking place during a morning commute. And I’ve posted a House of Mysteryesque introduction to a series of ministories I’ll be doing there, a petition for Frank to actually write an unwritten novel he used to quote early on in college and a vignette called “Award Show.”

They aren’t our best efforts, they are simply experiments in our young fiction writing careers we are putting out there to discuss amongst ourselves and—if you decide to check them out—the world. So please, if you are a fan of fiction or just enjoy giving constructive criticism, please head on over to and enjoy some amateur fiction!

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