13.Jul.2009 The Official Enemy of Peanuts T-Shirt: Pencil work.

After opening my Awesome Online Shop with the outrageously cool Makin’ Bacon Naked t-shirt, I vowed an official Enemy of Peanuts t-shirt was on its way. Well, I did the initial pencil work on my first tentative design last week and have finally found some time now between busy work days and busy vacation days to post it for viewing.

Front of shirt; EoP in yo' face!

Front of shirt; EoP in yo' face!

Back of shirt; I ain't afraid of no peanuts!

Back of shirt; I ain't afraid of no peanuts!

Now, I like both of these and will probably use them in some capacity, be it shirt or some other cool item/promotional device, but what do you all think? I’d love some feedback on this, especially as feedback will go towards improving a product I am sure you will all buy for yourselves as well as all your friends and family. Please, hit me with some comments!
Also, big thanks to my buddy from across the pond, Chris Owens, who bought the first Makin’ Bacon Naked t-shirt from my Awesome Online Shop! If you are super cool you should go follow him on Twitter at http://twitter.com/justcalledchris!

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There are 2 Comments to "The Official Enemy of Peanuts T-Shirt: Pencil work."

  • bill says:

    It might be just me, but I think the back should be the front– it looks more like a cool logo… sort of like a spoof on ghostbusters’ merch… And only marketing advise is to put both the title ‘enemy of peanuts’ and website on both sites– one top, one bottom. Looks good, i will buy a bacon naked shirt when I get my next paycheck ; ) holla

  • Jim Gibbons says:

    I think I am gonna do one shirt with just the Peanut logo and one with it on the back—cover all bases.