This is it: A “Wizard” Remembrance/Reaction

This week, news that both Wizard and ToyFare magazine were being canceled hit the interwebs. I did my big college internship at Wizard and then scored a job there a few months later when I graduated from college. It was my first career-type job and it led to a ton of great friendships and terrific experiences. I wouldn’t be rocking a job I love at Dark Horse Comics if not for my time at Wizard, nor would I know so many rad, excellent and intelligent folks around the comics community, many of whom I consider great friends. Continue Reading “This is it: A “Wizard” Remembrance/Reaction”



I’ve haven’t blogged much about my great love for “Scott Pilgrim,” but with the first trailer hitting the internetz for the upcoming Edgar Wright movie adaptation of the outstandingly great comic series by Bryan Lee O’Malley, well… I need to gush!


Happy Bale-entine’s Day!

After “The Dark Knight” came out, many among the crew at Wizard HQ back in 2008 were constantly quoting some of the more hilarious lines from “Batman Begins” and “TDK.” While both those movies are extremely enjoyable, Christian Bale’s gruff Batman growl is just too funny not to endlessly mimic. Frequently, during meetings or random conversations, people would growl “Where is she?!” or “Swear to me!” instead of using normal human dialogue.

Safe to say, this made for a pretty fun time around the office.
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Check out “Conan the Cimmerian” and “The ACT-I-VATE Primer”

At Big Apple Comic Con this past weekend, I grabbed a free copy of the last issue of Wizard I worked on before being let go. There are two pieces in this ish that it was particularly enjoyable to write, the “Book of the Month” feature on Dark Horse’s “Conan the Cimmerian” and the “Webcomic of the Month” feature on “The ACT-I-VATE Primer.” For your reading convenience, I’m posting them here.

Please enjoy and then go check these great titles out at your local comic shop!
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Grant Morrison explains why superhero comics are awesome

A few months back while I was copyediting a big interview with Geoff Johns and Grant Morrison that eventually appeared in Wizard #216, when I stumbled upon a quote from Morrison I loved so much that I made a note to post it later on this blog.
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Thank you all!

Hey folks.

Last night, at a little before 8 p.m., I was let go from my job at Wizard Entertainment.

Since then, I have received an overwhelming amount of amazingly supportive, kind and flattering emails, Facebook messages and tweets from a ton of truly great people! Thank you all so much! I guess when the going gets tough, you really see how many wonderful people you’re surrounded with. I’m just grateful to be surrounded by so many.

Also, additional big thanks to Josh Wigler, Sean T. Collins, Mel Caylo, Kiel Phegley, all the fans over at the Wizard Universe Message Boards and the crew at Panels On Pages for voicing their support in the public forum, as well as privately.

TJ Dietsch—an extremely rad guy who was ToyFare‘s Associate Editor—was also laid off last night. Check out his blog at and spread the love.

Again, thank you so much, everyone! The outpouring of support has been truly touching and has only helped my love grow for all my friends, colleagues and the comic industry as a whole. Thank you.


Enemy of Peanuts’ PoP! video plug

At Chicago Comic-Con, the fellas from Panels On Pages were videoing in full effect and waved me down for an interview at the end of the con. Though—I’m told—parts of the “PoP! Quiz” I took will air in a later video, the PoP!stars had me film a quick plug for their site, Wizard and that they used in their recent PoP! Invasion video.
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Hodgepodge: A post of assorted random stuffs.

Hey there, folks!
If you’re a regular ’round these parts, you’ll notice that this week has been particularly light on the blogging.

Sorry about that.

After last weekend’s crazy-busy vacation, this week has been chock-full of tons of work and other life stuff all piled on top of me seriously needing to catch up on sleep. Finally, at week’s end, I’ve got all aspects sorted, but haven’t had too much chance to cobble together anything by way of this blog. So, for funsies, I figured I would just toss together a bunch of random little things for a hodgepodge entry. I hope you all enjoy it!
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