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20.Sep.2009 Get your ‘Goats’

I recently read Goats: Infinite Typewriters by Jonathan Rosenberg, a collection of his webcomic you can find at I thoroughly enjoyed the entire read and it’s lovely mix of high concept discussion and low brow ridiculousness, more so than I could describe in the brief post I imagined this being—the simple point is, whether […]


01.Sep.2009 My ‘Adventure Time’ fan art comic strip

Ever since I saw the “Share Your Fan Art” button in the margin of the “Adventure Time” tumbleblog, I began plotting a super short comic strip to submit. I opted for a slightly crazed, Hulkin’ out Finn… and here it is!


30.Jun.2009 A canine sidekick in the fight against peanuts?!

Wow. I just got this crazy link sent to me by my good friend Jessica Mason and my mind is kind of blown.


13.Apr.2009 It’s coming…

The first “promo” images (known to many as “doodles”) for Enemy of Peanuts: The Webcomic, which—as the images say—is coming soon! Now, an explanation: As a guy who reads a butt-ton of comics, it’s pretty hard not to come up with an idea or two for some of my own panel-by-panel storytelling—Enemy Of Peanuts: The […]


09.Apr.2009 Follow the wandering peanut battler!

While this site will soon be home to a sprawling and mythic saga (stay tuned!), its hero’s journey can be followed right now on Twitter. Check it out!—

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First glimpse…

It’ll all make sense in time…but for now…here’s a man who knows his enemy, even if the world doesn’t.


08.Dec.2008 When Han gets hungry on Hoth…

All I can remember about this concept is that the idea popped into my head during a content planning meeting and made me laugh—hard. Just picturing Han Solo licking his tauntaun here and there as he trudged through the snow (“Damn, this tastes so good…I can’t stop!”) or him defending his love of tauntaun taste […]

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20.Aug.2008 The Happiest Bat-man!

So, after reading and editing a ton of Staff Writer Steve Sunu’s Webcomics of the Week column, I’ve been hankering to start drawing some comics of my own. Now, I’m no artist and was always more of a doodler within the lined domain of my school notebook paper, but heck, I figure even doodles can […]

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