My Year in Graphic Novels: 2011

Much like last year, as opposed to a “Best of” list, I’ve compiled a list of what books I read in 2011.

The books are listed chronologically based on when I finished them. Notable reads are marked in italics. The novels I read were work related, but otherwise, this doesn’t include stuff I read specifically for the purposes of my job.

Here’s the list of the 50+ books I enjoyed this past year.
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My Year in Graphic Novels

I envy the comics readers, critics and bloggers who confidently feel they have surveyed enough of the year’s comics work to make a list explaining which books were the best. I always feel like I’m playing catch up, reading comics from recent and long passed history more often than current and groundbreaking graphic novel work. Perhaps it’s because comics is one of those industries that—if you work in or around it—doesn’t often leave you with a ton of extra cash to spend on the works you’re always hearing and reading about—at least not enough moolah to spend on all of them. I think that’s why most of my graphic novel reading over the past few years has been comprised of things I’ve either been gifted, gotten free (comps, review copies, other people’s most welcome cast offs) or found available for deep discount.

Make no mistake, I read some great books during the past year that were also published in 2010, but did I read enough of what was published to accurately make a “Best of 2010” list? Sadly, I’m not sure I did. As Jessie Spano once said, “There’s never enough time!” Continue Reading “My Year in Graphic Novels”


House of Mystery: A comic I enjoy

Matthew Sturges’ wild ride of a comic—House of Mystery—began with the relatively simple but beautifully open-ended setup of assorted oddballs telling stories in a strange old house. Since, it’s morphed into a sprawling fantasy epic that would take pages of praise and analysis to fully explain it’s enthralling nature. There’s probably someone else out there better-suited to write something like that, and that’s time better spent reading great comics anyway, so I’m simply here to display two random and out-of-context pages that I hope act as an abstract explanation of why I read this comic. Continue Reading “House of Mystery: A comic I enjoy”


Hollywood Overhaul: Remaking Better Comic Movies

I was digging through some old files on my computer when I came across a piece I pitched to CBR during my brief freelance jaunt, but couldn’t follow through on due to my employment at Dark Horse. Luckily, I wrote an initial draft so it was all ready to be adapted for blogging…
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