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01.Feb.2010 What ongoing comic series should I begin collecting as graphic novels?

A while back, I asked for suggestions on how to keep up with comics in a price effective way. In the few comments and conversations I had about the subject, the answer came back resoundingly that reading comics once they are collected is cheaper (Math I could do on my own, but glad to get […]


21.May.2009 A few ‘Few Line Reviews’

Hey folks, I’ve trucked through a fair share of comics this week (my new daily train ride has certainly helped me allot more time to reading) and even though I’m only halfway through all the books I want to read, I’m posting up these initial brief reviews. I’m hitting the DMV (or MVC, as it’s […]

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30.Apr.2009 Quicker Hits, aka “Few Line Reviews”

For whatever reason, my super short and super sweet comic book reviews went a little longer this week. So, instead of “two line reviews,” they are now “few line reviews!” See how fun rhyming is?! Here’s round one for this week’s books (“this week” being in reference to books that dropped on April 29, 2009), […]

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29.Apr.2009 Choice Comic Covers: ‘Uncanny X-Men’ #308

This one’s all about the nostalgia. It’s not the most striking image, but I think the reason this cover deserves to be among the entrants in CCC (my Choice Comic Covers!) is because I saw so little of it that it as a kid that it became somewhat a novelty. When I flipped through my […]

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