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22.Aug.2009 My UFragTV interview on YouTube!

Sadly, it seems some camera problems kept the first—and larger—portion of my interview from being recorded, but the fantastic folks at UFrag took the time to pop up a YouTube video of their footage featuring me. Thanks guys!


10.Aug.2009 Jim Gibbons on Internet TV!

Though this past weekend was maddeningly crazy/busy, it wasn’t without some completely great and memorable moments. One of those moments was being interviewed for the UFragTV live stream from Chicago Comic-Con. The interview was a bit longer, but this is the only bit I can find over at…


09.Aug.2009 So….phew!…busy, busy week…

I’m sitting in Chicago’s O’Hare airport waiting for a flight back to New Jersey after one of the most madcap weekends of my entire life. From one heckuva wedding in Wisconsin to Chicago Comic-Con and everything in between, it has been wildly hectic but extremely fun and truly great! I’ll put up plenty of recaps […]