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20.Sep.2009 Leftover Loudest Monkey

Back when I was blogging it up on The Loudest Monkey, I held a coloring contest for my blog’s logo. I printed a copy out and infused it with colored pencil action. I recently found it in a drawer, realized I’d never scanned it and figured I’d do so here. Enjoy!


02.Jul.2009 EoP’s first Fan Art!

I got this sent to me today through the WUMB and I am not only super excited about it, but also extremely flattered and humbled as well! A massively huge and enormously gigantic thanks to Larry Joe (aka KrpyKrwly) for delivering Enemy of Peanuts: The Webcomic‘s first ever fan art submission!


19.Apr.2009 Adding a little Monkey Business to ‘Enemy Of Peanuts!’

In an effort for a little expansion of my voice across the interwebs, I’ve brought over some of my best posts from The Loudest Monkey. All the great marginalia, linkage and numerous reviews are still over there, so for the full, expansive and awe-inspiring blog experience of The Loudest Monkey head over to But […]

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09.Apr.2009 I am the enemy of peanuts!

¡Hola internet dwellers! I’m Jim Gibbons and this is a ludicrous blog of mine. If you’re savvy to the interwebs, you may have seen my job blog over at The Loudest Monkey on, or if you’re of a nostalgic and outdoorsy disposition, you may have come across a labor of love called Nothing More […]

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06.Mar.2009 Check out ‘Killer of Demons!’

Hey folks, just dropping in to give a quick recommendation…you should all check out Killer of Demons from Image Comics! Written by Chris Yost with super-rad art by Scott Wegener, it’s kind of a combo of “Office Space” and “Buffy,” and it’s darn fun and totally awesome! It’s also a three issue miniseries, so you […]

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Truly, the end is nigh…

Now this is a portent of doom if I’ve ever seen one… A Marmaduke movie?!?! Good gravy! Back in my college days, we had a free newspaper readership program that allowed me to indulge in the finest in newspaper strips everyday (usually during a boring lecture). Each and every day, I read every strip in […]

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24.Sep.2008 HOLLA ATCHA BOY!

Spoilers ahead! So be wary, web-sailors! The recent relaunch of Deadpool has been quite the comic treat so far. Writer Daniel Way is exhibiting better control with ol’ Wade Wilson than…well, anything he’s ever written! By far his best work, and just a must-read (I’ll gush a bit more about it with a review tomorrow, […]

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03.Sep.2008 ‘Marvel Apes’ meets the Loudest Monkey!

With a last name like Gibbons—which led to a having a blog named “The Loudest Monkey” (and yes, I know a gibbon is an ape and not a monkey, as I stated in my first post)—it seems inevitable that I would have to comment on Marvel’s newest miniseries and variant cover phenomenon: Marvel Apes. I […]

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19.Jun.2008 And the winner(s) is(are)…

Ok folks, the reader votes have been tallied and my winner has been selected, not to mention—and much more importantly— I’ve made my pick. So, it’s time to announce the first ever winners of the Loudest Monkey Semi-Annual Coloring Contest! Taking how the prize of Reader’s Choice is Clay Stooshnoff a.k.a. (._Y_.)! Even after subtracting […]

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29.May.2008 KrpyKrwly strikes again!

Well, the Krpy one is back again with another coloring contest submission and…well…it’s a bit out there, but hilarious! Cheers Krpy, thanks for another great submission!

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