EoP’s first Fan Art!

I got this sent to me today through the WUMB and I am not only super excited about it, but also extremely flattered and humbled as well! A massively huge and enormously gigantic thanks to Larry Joe (aka KrpyKrwly) for delivering Enemy of Peanuts: The Webcomic‘s first ever fan art submission!
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Adding a little Monkey Business to ‘Enemy Of Peanuts!’

In an effort for a little expansion of my voice across the interwebs, I’ve brought over some of my best posts from The Loudest Monkey. All the great marginalia, linkage and numerous reviews are still over there, so for the full, expansive and awe-inspiring blog experience of The Loudest Monkey head over to http://monkey.wizarduniverse.com/. But if you want a taste of Loudest Monkey here at Enemy Of Peanuts, click on the “Loudest Monkey Business” tab under categories or just click here for those highlights.


I am the enemy of peanuts!

¡Hola internet dwellers!

I’m Jim Gibbons and this is a ludicrous blog of mine.

If you’re savvy to the interwebs, you may have seen my job blog over at The Loudest Monkey on WizardUniverse.com, or if you’re of a nostalgic and outdoorsy disposition, you may have come across a labor of love called Nothing More American—my summer camp memoir.

While both blogs are absolutely fabulous (seriously, check them out!), neither allowed me the proper venue to post all the abstract and random flights of fancy I’d like to share. And so, I deliver you Enemy of Peanuts!

While this would be a great way to wow potential readers with a grand mission statement, I haven’t got one. Essentially, this blog will be my own public bulletin board where I’ll post doodles, mini reviews of old comics, why I’m now just finally watching “Doctor Who” and what’s fantastic about it, thoughts on video games and who knows what else?! Either way, it should be fun—so, stick around!


Check out ‘Killer of Demons!’

Hey folks, just dropping in to give a quick recommendation…you should all check out Killer of Demons from Image Comics!

Written by Chris Yost with super-rad art by Scott Wegener, it’s kind of a combo of “Office Space” and “Buffy,” and it’s darn fun and totally awesome! It’s also a three issue miniseries, so you know they’ve gotta get right into the good stuff—and with this first issue, they already have! If you’re only going to read one book this week, make it Killer of Demons (and that is saying something as Jonathan Hickman’s awesome first issue of Dark Reign: Fantastic Four came out this week)!

Also, just a general WU.com update, I’m dropping this recommendation here because Thursday Morning Quarterback is going through some tweaks right now (under construction, so to speak) and I wanted to give a good book some props. So, stay tuned to The Loudest Monkey for more little snippets of stuff from me, and stay tuned to WU.com for a brand-spanking new view of TMQB soon!


Truly, the end is nigh…

Now this is a portent of doom if I’ve ever seen one…

A Marmaduke movie?!?! Good gravy!

Back in my college days, we had a free newspaper readership program that allowed me to indulge in the finest in newspaper strips everyday (usually during a boring lecture). Each and every day, I read every strip in the paper, and each and every day Marmaduke just infuriated me. I had a dog growing up and love animals (especially dogs!), but this f@#&ing Marmaduke…Gah!

Oddly enough, I always (ALWAYS!) loved the Family Circus…each and every day.



Spoilers ahead! So be wary, web-sailors!

The recent relaunch of Deadpool has been quite the comic treat so far. Writer Daniel Way is exhibiting better control with ol’ Wade Wilson than…well, anything he’s ever written! By far his best work, and just a must-read (I’ll gush a bit more about it with a review tomorrow, so check back)!

I’m enjoying it so much that I decided these last two panels of issue #2 (which came out this week) had to get a call out in my “Great Comic Quotes” section, so here they are!

Great art by Paco Medina, as well!


‘Marvel Apes’ meets the Loudest Monkey!

With a last name like Gibbons—which led to a having a blog named “The Loudest Monkey” (and yes, I know a gibbon is an ape and not a monkey, as I stated in my first post)—it seems inevitable that I would have to comment on Marvel’s newest miniseries and variant cover phenomenon: Marvel Apes.

I read a review copy of the book yesterday and found what is quite possibly the most astonishingly personalized talk bubble I have ever come across!

Yep, I’m a Mr. Gibbons. And yes, I have lots of hair…everywhere. So, reading this panel felt eerily like the good doctor was breaking the fourth wall. Yeah, kinda creepy.

So, between DC trying to terrify me with their peanut-filled Joker covers and Marvel putting D-List Spidey villain The Gibbon into a starring role in Marvel Apes…well, reading comics has been a particularly bizarre experience of late!

Another, albeit brief, Marvel-based monkey last name story:
I emailed editor Bill Rosemann to see if he’d be interested in answering a question about Guardians of the Galaxy for Thwack!.
His response: “Sounds fun, Jim. And how could I turn down a guy with a monkey-like last name?


And the winner(s) is(are)…

Ok folks, the reader votes have been tallied and my winner has been selected, not to mention—and much more importantly— I’ve made my pick. So, it’s time to announce the first ever winners of the Loudest Monkey Semi-Annual Coloring Contest!

Taking how the prize of Reader’s Choice is Clay Stooshnoff a.k.a. (._Y_.)!

Even after subtracting the additional votes he admitted to on the WUMB, Clay pulled out the top spot via voting! But since this blog isn’t a freakin’ democracy, there is an overall winner that needs naming, and as the tyrannical king of this little corner of the interweb, it’s my job to lay down the law on this.

So, without further ado, the overall winner and champion of the coloring contest…it’s first entrant, KrptKrwly!

This entry just captured the soul of The Loudest Monkey right from the get go and set the bar high (way too high, in fact) for anyone to reach! Well done, Krpy! You are a winner in my book—and on this blog, that’s the only book that counts!

Also, a big thanks to everyone who participated! It was a ton of fun to kick off these coloring contests, and we got them off to a great start. Make sure to stay tuned here, because you never really know when another one of these puppies (and by puppies, I mean contests) is going to show up!