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13.Oct.2009 Back from Baltimore

Hey Folks! After a long weekend of convention-going and freelance writing, I’m back from Baltimore Comic-Con. Yep, I was down in the Charm City this past weekend enjoying a good ol’-fashioned comic book convention and getting back to my journalistic roots with some straight up reporting and writing on a tight deadline. All in all, […]


17.Jul.2009 Hodgepodge: A post of assorted random stuffs.

Hey there, folks! If you’re a regular ’round these parts, you’ll notice that this week has been particularly light on the blogging. Sorry about that. After last weekend’s crazy-busy vacation, this week has been chock-full of tons of work and other life stuff all piled on top of me seriously needing to catch up on […]


04.May.2009 I just nerdgasmed all over…

Seen via a link on the Wizard Universe Message Board‘s by‘s Ben Morse, I just got a gander of this teaser cover and flipped into jibbering fanboy mode.

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17.Nov.2008 That Herc’s one mean CRAKKAJAMMA!

Hopefully I am preaching to the nerd choir when I confess my affection for Greg Pak and Fred Van Lente’s Incredible Herc—easily one of, if not the most, fun book on the shelves right now! Following the Lion of Olympus and is ward, boy genius Amadeus Cho, after the events of “World War Hulk,” this […]

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