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14.Feb.2014 Bale-entine’s Day 2014: Man of Bale

The time-honored tradition continues! Happy Bale-entine’s Day!

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22.Oct.2010 Super Monkey

Some comics are good, some are bad and some are just awesome and fun all the time. If you’re a fan of fun, Tiny Titans is always a good bet! I recently read issue #31 and this sequence cracked me up. Enjoy!

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27.Aug.2010 Just say “Hm” to facehuggers!

Much like the most excellent issues of Star Wars Tales I recently came across, my office area move and the “free table” in the Dark Horse break room have been great resources for finding interesting older comics from my employer. So, as I read through these gems—issues of Dark Horse Presents, Star Wars comics and […]

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03.Mar.2010 Ironically, I owe my very existence to a peanut

I’m clearly not a big fan of peanuts. (Please refer to this site’s url for more!) And yet, if it weren’t for a peanut, I would never have existed.


01.Feb.2010 What ongoing comic series should I begin collecting as graphic novels?

A while back, I asked for suggestions on how to keep up with comics in a price effective way. In the few comments and conversations I had about the subject, the answer came back resoundingly that reading comics once they are collected is cheaper (Math I could do on my own, but glad to get […]


08.May.2009 Few Line Reviews: Quickie reactions to this week’s comics!

Wow, so many books this week. I’ve got my first 18 “Few Line Reviews” here and I still have a stack of 19 books to truck through! So, head back in a day or two for the rest, but here’s what I got right now…

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30.Apr.2009 Quicker Hits, aka “Few Line Reviews”

For whatever reason, my super short and super sweet comic book reviews went a little longer this week. So, instead of “two line reviews,” they are now “few line reviews!” See how fun rhyming is?! Here’s round one for this week’s books (“this week” being in reference to books that dropped on April 29, 2009), […]

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