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13.Apr.2009 It’s coming…

The first “promo” images (known to many as “doodles”) for Enemy of Peanuts: The Webcomic, which—as the images say—is coming soon! Now, an explanation: As a guy who reads a butt-ton of comics, it’s pretty hard not to come up with an idea or two for some of my own panel-by-panel storytelling—Enemy Of Peanuts: The […]


09.Apr.2009 Follow the wandering peanut battler!

While this site will soon be home to a sprawling and mythic saga (stay tuned!), its hero’s journey can be followed right now on Twitter. Check it out!—

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First glimpse…

It’ll all make sense in time…but for now…here’s a man who knows his enemy, even if the world doesn’t.