My new gig!

Back in September, I left Dark Horse Comics after six years to pursue a position at a brand new company. But, due to the top secret nature of that new job, I couldn’t say anything about where I was headed.

Now, thanks to the killer publicity efforts of Steve Sunu, I’m psyched to share that I’m the senior editor at Stēla: a brand new digital publisher producing exclusive and totally excellent mobile native comics, aka radical comics built specifically to read on your smart phone! Continue Reading “My new gig!”


More mustache news you can use…

With Movember in full effect, all sorts of great mustache-related fund-raising links have been coming across my desk. So, here’s another Movember news update full of ‘stache-centric information… Continue Reading “More mustache news you can use…”


Getting down to busy-ness

Ladies, gentlemen and martian invaders! Greetings! The past few days have been pretty darned busy but I’m back with some blogginess, so dig in!
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Back from Baltimore

Hey Folks!

After a long weekend of convention-going and freelance writing, I’m back from Baltimore Comic-Con. Yep, I was down in the Charm City this past weekend enjoying a good ol’-fashioned comic book convention and getting back to my journalistic roots with some straight up reporting and writing on a tight deadline. All in all, it was a pretty great weekend, but I’ll run through some highlights quickly for those who may be interested.
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Get your scroll on.

I’ve been meaning to do a big post about my favorite webcomics and my highest recommendations in that arena for a while, but haven’t gotten around to it yet (Sorry!). Still, after seeing today’s Saturday Morning Breakfast Cereal by Zach Weiner, I had to say something about how much I love his comic strip.
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