Cast Your Pod to the Wind

Are you excited to binge on the nasal voice of a nerdy white guy? Get ready!

This past year, thanks to my good friend and compatriot, the talented and extremely hard-working Josh Wigler (Listen to “First One Out,” you’ll see what I mean.), I got into podcasting. I had a blast and it was a good way to put all my nerdy hot takes to better use than simply spouting them off on Twitter at 12 a.m. Josh and I know each other from way back in our Wizard magazine days, so it was also a pleasure to get to spend so much time with an old friend who lives thousands of miles away!
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What’s Going On.

Ok, so I haven’t been blogging that much of late. But, it’s not because I don’t totally love all you readers and have plenty of super rad stuff to say. The problem is simple: I have been extremely busy with tons of real life stuff away from the interwebs. Like…
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Thor: The Final Frontier!

Over the weekend, news dropped that Chris Hemsworth (who played George Kirk, James T.’s daddy, in “Star Trek”) will be playing Thor in the upcoming film based on Marvel’s Asgardian hero.

Round Howard blogger Josh Wigler and I just had a fun and nerdy conversation about the casting which I’m posting here for the sake of putting it into the public forum. Check it out and then weigh in with a comment at the end of the post!
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