Calling all moustache-lovin’ men and women! I need you for Movember 2010!

As sweater weather approaches on a wisp of crisp Fall air and the leaves begin to turn their myriad of Autumn colors, my thoughts turn to moustaches. Glorious, glorious moustaches! Though it’s only late September and all October stands between us and the eleventh month, Movember has already taken up residence in the forefront of my mind. It’s with these thoughts of hairy upper lips and piles of cash set aside to help wage war upon cancer that I come to you all with a proposition…

I want you! Yes, you! I want you to join me in changing the face of men’s health this Movember!
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Movember 2010: It’s almost here!

Last year, I had the pleasure—and honor—of utilizing my luxuriant upper lip to help combat men’s cancer by raising funds and raising awareness about men’s health as a participant in Movember—the month formerly known as November during which men grow moustaches as a visual aid to help with the aforementioned fund raising for men’s cancer research. I helped to raise, alongside my compatriot Matthew Lubicky, over $1,100 for the cause! It was a good effort and the testicles and prostates of the world are a little bit safer for it.
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I’m Movember official! And YOU can donate now!

Hey folks! After two posts contemplating and then deciding that I’d be participating in Movember this year, I have officially registered. That’s right, I’m now prepping my upper lip for a month-long moustache growth marathon and awaiting your donations—which will be inspired by my ‘stache but will benefit the Prostate Cancer Foundation and Lance Armstrong Foundation.
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Should I ‘stache it up this Movember?

It’s no secret that I grow some mean facial hair. But what you may be less aware of, dear readers, is the yearly custom of growing a moustache to promote men’s health awareness that rolls around each November. Entitled Movember, this month-long growing of upper lip hair is a full-fledged and actual event that you can learn more about by visiting the Movember Foundation’s Web site. This year, I’m thinking about participating.

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